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Game Stats: Oilers/Jets, Oct 1

Here are the game charts for tonight’s game vs the Jets.









Game Notes

  • The Oilers actually out shot attempted the Jets at even strength in this one 49-42 (my numbers always include 4×4 as well).  That’s something they did only 6 times last season out of 48 games (12.5% of the games).  It’s a good sign to see that in the first game, even in a loss.  If they string a few of those kinds of performances together, we’ll know they’re on the right track.  Out of an 82-game schedule, it’s awfully hard for bad luck to clip teams who deserve to win games.
  • Dubnyk’s goaltending tonight was not NHL-quality.  I’ll have to look at the game highlights further, but I cringed on at least 3 of those 5 goals against.  When he made stops tonight, the puck hit him — that’s usually said as a compliment, but tonight it felt like he was getting lucky to even make the saves he made.  I’ve wondered a lot this summer about how the league’s rule changes would impact goaltenders, and I feared it may impact a goaltender like Dubnyk more than others. His game relies on taking up net, filling surface area in the goal, and less on pure athleticism.  Might the loss of that surface area impact him more heavily?  That was an 09-10 Dubnyk game right there, and he’ll have to be better for the Oilers to win games (obviously).
  • I thought the power-play looked just batshit lethal tonight.  It scored twice in as many tries, and when it didn’t score, looked punitive in its creativity.
  • I’m trying to pay more attention to systems stuff, but whatever was going on in the defensive end of the ice didn’t seem to be executed very well.  Even guys like Ference were missing assignments in front of the net.
  • Jesse Joensuu had a bit of a statement game tonight.  He looks like a bona fide NHL player, complete with blogger-loving skill and MSM writer-loving tufffness.  There was a sequence in the 3rd period where he stood up Big Buff twice and didn’t look too much out of size class doing it.  I’m sure people will point to his -2 tonight, but that’s obviously a bit unfair.  He had the 2nd best Corsi rate on the night, after his centreman Gordon (who had a pretty nice game himself).


  1. maudite
    Posted October 2, 2013 at 3:20 am | #

    Those results vs their 1st and 4th line seem interesting.

    Smyth – Hall – Hemmer: not likely the best idea to line them up PVP if that holds up (our 2 and 3 lines outplayed them by this metric).

    Their 4th line however out-chanced both those lines surprisingly well. Should have recorded the game to see how that happened. Was this the infamous size thing playing out a bit?

    Man, Hall on the LW and even one of our top 2 centers would likely fix sooo many problems. Hate taking solace in injuries affecting performance but even the idea of lining up a non natural center and a near retirement LW (that would likely be pretty effective a lot further down the lineup and playing limited minutes) to go PVP is just so absurd.

    Thanks for your work!

  2. Jay
    Posted October 2, 2013 at 11:57 am | #

    Smytty and Schultz sr both look like their completely done. Dubnyk got beat on at least 2 shots that he had a clear vision of that were very ugly.
    Taylor Hall was lost a sea playing centre but he did surprisingly well on the draw–50%.
    The Oilers 4 line seemed to get the Renney o-zone draw push when the game was tied.
    Arco looks like a boat anchor for his line so far.

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