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Game Notes: Oilers/Avs Jan 28

Well it took until the fifth game of the season, but the Oilers finally took a lead in a hockey game… I mean, it had to happen eventually, right?  The Oilers again relied on their powerplay, this time knocking in 4 (four!) goals.  The first two periods were fairly smooth sailing, but the third was an all-out score effected blitzkrieg favouring the Avs.  Here’s the overall Corsi report:


The Oil were leading Corsi events by 30-18 after two periods, but the Avalanche stormed back to get THIRTY-TWO shots directed at Dubnyk in the final frame.  I’m sure scoring chances would be representative of this, as it seemed the Avs got many ten-bell chances from close range on Dubnyk, forcing some tricky saves.  Here’s the individual charts:


This report is like the tale of three teams: the RNH line (who smoked this game even with the score effects), the bottom six (ahead after two, about even after 3), and the Gagner line (what in the hell was going on with Hemsky and Gagner here, -14 and -13 respectively).  Hemsky’s -14 is the lowest recorded by any Oiler so far this year, a feat not easy to accomplish with Ryan Whitney on your team.

Look at the Schultz pairing, Nick with +8 and Justin with +5 — having that positive of scores when your team is -8 is unbelievable.  I’d love to spend more time looking at the shift charts, but Smid/Petry had another rough game here, both in minus double digits.

The kids are killing it, period.  This line is as impressive by eye as it is in the numbers here, but I actually think they’re had some bad luck, if that’s possible.  They’re doing a lot at even strength, but getting not a whole lot to show for it.  This will come… and if you add that to their current PP production… *eeyyyyyyyy*

I really liked the efforts put in by Harski and Paajarvi, and their even-ish scores on the night are evidence of that.  It seemed like Smytty was demoted at some point in this game to play with the Scandinavian Crotch Monster (Petrell), and I’m starting to worry if my point per game forecast for Smytty will be off by an order of magnitude.

Here’s the chart for the Avs:


Duchene and Stastny had some tame games here, leaving the score effecting to some chaps I’ve barely even heard of.

Full credit to Dubnyk for closing the door, but I mentioned on Twitter that allowing that atrocious first goal was likely one of the prime catalysts for the Avs feeding frenzy in the third — the rationale being that you’re more motivated to try your ass off if you’re only 2 goals down as opposed to 3.  So Dubs can probably thank himself for some of that blitz.


  1. Bruce McCurdy
    Posted January 29, 2013 at 9:06 am | #

    I was cussing out my TV for about 5 minutes straight Before the first goal, which was just a matter of time. It was a bit lame, for sure, but Dubnyk had already made some good stops before then, and made a lot more good stops afterwards.

    To paraphrase Brian Kelly, the next time the Oilers have the lead they should act like they’ve had one before.

    • Michael Parkatti
      Posted January 29, 2013 at 1:41 pm | #

      I’d agree with that observation for sure, but I do think letting that goal in did give the Avs some more bite than they would have had otherwise. Trust me, I love that he’s making big saves, but I’d just love to see what kind of goalie he could be without giving up those brain cramps!

      But oh, what an epic 3rd period against last night. Methinks they’re a bit rusty with a lead!

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